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TP-Link AC1300 Deco M5

Fast. Stable. Everywhere.

Deco is the simplest way to guarantee a strong WiFi signal in every corner of your home. Enjoy fast and stable connections for an army of devices in homes up to 2,000 square feet with one Deco M5 unit. Setup is made easier with the Deco app walking you through every step.

WiFi Dead-Zone Killer – Eliminate weak signal areas with whole home WiFi. No more searching around for a stable connection.

Seamless Roaming with One WiFi Name – Deco units work together to form a unified WiFi network with a single network name. Walk through your home and stay connected with the fastest possible speeds, made possible by Deco’s seamless coverage and Plug & Play Mesh Technology.

TP-Link HomeCare – HomeCare ensures every device on your network remains protected, with a threat database.


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Calix GigaSpire

The Calix GigaSpire is a new generation smart home system that extends the access network into the home and acts as a strategic location for control of the ultimate WiFi experience.

Besides supporting broadband connectivity of data and video services, this intelligent, high-performance system offers the latest 802.11 a ‘WiFi 6’ technology. The GigaSpire provides switching and routing functions that support multi-Gigabit throughput for IPTV video and data services.


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