* Restrictions may apply. Programming subject to change. Some content not available in all areas.
What is Video On Demand?
Video on Demand (VOD) is a feature that allows you to select and watch video content when you want rather than having to watch it at a specific time. It puts you in charge! There will be FREE content as well as content available for purchase.
How do I get Video On Demand?
VOD is automatically enabled for all customers. If you choose to turn off VOD service, please contact our office.
How do I access VOD content?
  1. Hit the green VOD (Video On Demand) Button on the remote. Or press the Menu button on the remote and scroll down to On Demand and press ok. Press ok again to view the Library of content available. When in the Library, you can use the Green Button to view your rentals, the Yellow Button to search or the Blue Button to view the content in a list.
  2. You then have a choice of what content you wish to view. Use the arrow buttons on your remote to highlight Most Popular, Ending Soon, New Releases, Events, Free on Demand or Movies.
  3. When the category you want is highlighted in teal hit the OK button which will take you to the next menu to narrow down your search even further.
  4. Use the arrow keys on your remote to search for the show or movie you want and when you have it highlighted hit the OK button to start the program. Prices are marked in bottom right corner. HD videos are marked in blue on the bottom left hand side.
How Does VOD work?
There are some Movies and Events that you have to pay to watch. When you go through the menus listed in the steps above you will be told if there is a charge for the movie and how much. If you highlight the movie you wish to watch and press OK, you will see the option to Rent, Preview, or go Back. Highlight the option you wish to choose and click OK. When you do purchase Video On Demand programming the charges will appear on your next month’s billing statement.

When you choose to “Rent” the program, you will be prompted to choose if you want the content to “Share Whole Home” and to “Enter Purchase Pin”. Purchase pin number is defaulted at 0000. If you wish to change the pin you may do so under Menu > Settings > Parental > Change Pin.

**If you choose to purchase the program you have to hit the OK button to start it.

**If you choose not to purchase the program you can simply hit the EXIT button on your remote.

Once you purchase a movie, your access to it depends on the studio release. You may watch it as many times as you would like in the time period allowed.

Can I setup Parental Controls?
Yes! You can set up parental control locks by Movie Ratings, TV Ratings, TV content, certain channels, by title and also hide Show/Movie titles.

See the section, “Parental Controls” for details on how to set up the best controls for your family. Note: Parental Controls can be overridden by using the PIN code.

Does it cost anything to view what programs are available?
No, you can browse the VOD selections for free. You are only charged when you rent a program. A confirmation screen will appear to confirm your rental.
Is there a way to cancel my order once I have made the purchase?
No, there is not a way to cancel your order. Once you select to “RENT” the title you will be charged for it.
When I rent a program, how long do I have to watch it?
You typically have 24 hours to watch your rental, though some studios allow you up to 72 hours. You can watch the rented programs as many times as you would like within the allowed period. To see which programs are still available to watch, press the MENU button on the remote and choose on Demand, then select the Rentals option.
Can I stop a program and watch it later?
Yes, you may resume or restart your program within the allowed period.
Can I pause/rewind/fast forward a VOD program?
Yes, simply use the PAUSE II, PLAY >, REW <<, and FF >> buttons on your remote to control your VOD program.
Do any of the programs have closed captioning?
Yes, some of the programs contain closed captioning. Look for the (CC) in the program description to verify if there is a closed caption option.
Are any of the programs in HD (high-definition)?
Yes. a selection of programs is available in HD. Select a program and in the information section it will list the title and then HD.
How often is new content added?
New programs are added to the system monthly; all of which are controlled by the content providers.