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With Internet from Ntera® enjoy hours of streaming , online games and whatever else you choose.

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Ntera® Internet Pricing

Discounts available when bundled with video and voice!

Ntera® Speed Comparison

  Ntera Speeds
Download Size 50 Mbps 100 Mbps 250 Mbps 1 Gbps
4-Minute Song 4MB 0 Seconds 0 Seconds 0 Seconds 0 Seconds
5-Minute Video 30MB 5 Seconds 2 Seconds 1 Seconds .2 Seconds
45-Minute TV Show 200MB 33 Seconds 16 Seconds 6 Seconds 1.5 Seconds
2-Hour Movie 1GB 2.5 Minutes 1.25 Minutes 34 Seconds 8 Seconds


The Ntera® Difference

With unbeatable speed and reliability, we proudly serve our community with friendly and timely service.

Stay effortlessly connected – chat with loved ones, work remotely, and access information seamlessly, worry-free. Never miss a moment of connection!
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